ECOFILL International B.V. has evolved from a supplier of a small range of specialized products  to a full-service partner for the aluminum extrusion industries around the globe.

If you have a specific problem and can’t find the answer on our website, please feel free to contact us. Our broad knowledge and experience in the field enables us to find a fitting solution for most industrial problems.

  • Filtration and Separation Services and Equipment. Ecofill International manufactures highly efficient hydraulic and lube oil filter elements or cartridges together with filtration and separation skids using Pall and Alfa-Laval as a standard.
  • Honesty needlefelt products (roller-sleeves, conveyor belts and pads) manufactured by Ecofill International enable you to obtain a 100% graphite-free run-out. All needlefelt products are available with impregnation or resin hardened.
  • Fibers, needles and sewing thread.
  • Graphite/ Carbon. For those companies that still have extrusions running on graphite or carbon Ecofill offers a range of graphite parts; typically in four different hardness grades.
  • Refractory materials. Ecofill International manufactures quartz based ceramic parts with high temperature shock resistance, typically used in billet furnaces and casting houses.
  • Additional refractory products. Ecofill offers high quality burner nozzles, billet chains, billet carriers, pyrometer insulating blocks manufactured from high temperature and high wear resistant materials.
  • Boron Nitride powders and suspensions together with applicators for hot and cold billets, shear and saw blades.
  • TOTAL industrial oils and lubricants, for example hydraulic oils, sawing oils, high temperature resistant chain oils and cutting fluids.
  • International brokers for pre-owned machinery.  Whether you are looking for high specification, new extrusion presses at competitive prices or for pre-owned single aluminum extrusion equipment like a billet furnace, finishing saw or stretcher, give us the opportunity to quote you.
  • Alcoflex –  Onsite services. Ecofill takes care of most installation jobs for the products we manufacture. We arrive fully equipped with machinery, personnel and technical know-how.
  • Engineering: runouts, cooling tables and machinery.

A complete range of products assuring performance, long life and results: the result of an activity started in cooperation with ELF-oil,  various well known aluminium extrusion plants and a special know-how acquired in the field.

Integrated product lines from the fibres up to the finished product, the use of CAD/CAM and the implementation of the Total Quality System allow a high product standard offered to customers with a problem solving service.